Chaskit® Horsewear Blanket Features
All Chaskit® blankets and sheets are custom made from only the best materials and toughest hardware. They have a forward cut wither and a deep fit. All Chaskit® products feature the unique Self-Righting Attachment system, developed in England, which prevents shifting, twisting, and rubbing. Chaskit® products are available in a variety of colors, styles, fabrics and weights and are designed to be used interchangeably or together to suit all types of weather and climates.

We are proud to announce Sierra HorseWear has purchased Chaskit® self-righting horsewear!
As the new owners, Cindy and GIllian bring 30 years of experience in the horse industry to the production of horsewear of the highest quality.
Our experience with reining horses, hunters, pleasure and polo horses enables us to address the needs of not just these communities but every individual horse owner regardless of discipline.We are proud to continue as the exclusive manufacture and distributor of Chaskit® products in the USA. Once you and your horse try Chaskit® products, you will see why so many horse people are switching to Chaskit®.

Safe Riding

Gillian and Cindy

What is the Chaskit® Self-righting Spider system?
Developed in England, the spider is the unique fastening mechanism used exclusively by Chaskit ® Self-Righting Horsewear. Unlike other blankets, there are no binding surcingles and leg straps. An "O" ring is centered on the horse's belly at the girth. Three 1"webbing straps connect to the "O" ring in the pattern of a Y. The short strap goes between the front legs and attaches to the front of the blanket. Two bronze snaps with adjustable "D" rings hold neck closed above the front attachment The two longer straps pass through an "O" ring on each side of the blanket near the flank, then go to the inside of each hind leg, attaching at the back. For safety, a brass "Sailors Snap" designed to pull apart under heavy tension is used to clip the spider to the "O" rings at the front and rear of the blanket. This special design allows the horse complete freedom of movement and "self-rights," eliminating any blanket shifting, twisting, and rubbing.

Chaskit® blankets don't shift or twist,
even after a roll !

Wash, repair & care of the Chaskit® sheets and blankets?

To increase the product life and maintain the fine quality of these products we recommend regular laundering. All blankets and sheets are machine washable. Please use a cold water wash and line dry. For heavy soiled items use a deck brush with warm soapy water and a cold water rinse. Drainage slots are provided on both sides of the blanket at the back end of the rain flap seam.

Call 800-456-7408 for the nearest Chaskit® wash and repair service. This service is provided by knowledgeable people throughout the U.S. who are familiar with our unique products and the fine materials used by Chaskit®

Chaskit® now offers wash and repair call 1800-456-7408 or
email for information.