Neck Cover Material Types

  • Olympic Blanket and Shell – Waterproof, windproof, breathable, 1000 denier, laminate-coated, seam-sealed Cordura.
  • Grand Prix Blanket and Shell- Water-resistant, windproof, 1000 denier Cordura.
  • Stable Blanket - 430 denier coated nylon.
  • Fly Sheet –Super durable Textilene, non-abrasive, cool, easy to clean.

Horse Neck Cover

Made to order.  If you ordered a horse blanket, the neck cover will be made to match in material type, color and lining.  If you did not order a horse blanket, choose a material type and color (navy blue or hunter green).  Material types are same as horse blankets. See listing of  material types below on left. Neck covers for Olympic, Grand Prix and Stable Blankets are lined with choice of 8oz. (1/2″) or 12 oz. (3/4″) quilted polyfill insulation. Neck covers for Olympic and Grand Prix Shells are lined with black taffeta. Neck cover for Fly Sheet is unlined. Fastenings are Velcro with snaps to attach neck cover to horse blanket. Accurately measure your horse as shown in diagrams.   If you don’t see what you want call us (800-456-7408).

Click on full Horse Diagram in photos to enlarge. Is the A to B measurement shown on the diagram greater than 87 inches? Additional charge for draft horse.

Click on diagram of horse’s head and neck in photos. Measure your horse in inches as shown. E-F is poll to back of withers. Type in measurement.

See diagram of horse’s head and neck in photos. E-G poll to middle of throat.

See diagram of horse’s head and neck in photos. A-C is mid-chest (at base of neck) to highest point on withers.

If you ordered a blanket choose same product type as blanket. If you DID NOT order a blanket, choose product type with material you want. See descriptions of neck cover materials on left.

If you ordered a blanket the neck cover color will match the blanket. If you DID NOT order a blanket, choose neck cover color (2 choices). See photo above.

If you ordered the Olympic Blanket, Grand Prix Blanket or Stable Blanket material type, choose lining type.