Chaskit ® vs Standard Attachment Systems

We offer a choice of two types of attachment systems for all horse blankets, shells, and sheets. All Chaskit® products attach with the Chaskit® Self-righting Attachment System, a Y-shaped strap system called the “Spider”. Sierra Horsewear® products have a standard attachment system with belly and leg straps.

The Chaskit® Self-righting Attachment System

The Chaskit® attachment system was developed in England by horsemen who wanted a way to blanket a horse that keeps the blanket in place while the horse moves freely. The system they devised, called a “Spider”, uses 3 straps connected by an ‘O” ring. A Spider resembles a “Y” with an “O” ring at its center connecting one short and two long straps.

When blanketing a horse with a Chaskit® blanket, shell or sheet, the short strap of the Spider is clipped to rings on the front of the blanket. Two bronze snaps with adjustable “D” rings hold the neck closed above the front Spider attachment. The Spider is passed between the front legs so the “O” ring is centered under the horse’s belly at the girth.  One long strap is threaded through an “O” ring on right flank of the blanket, around the inside of the right hind leg and snapped to ring on the back of the blanket. The other long strap is attached in the same manner to the left side of the blanket (see diagram).  Once the Spider is attached, the horse has complete freedom of movement and the blanket “self-rights” without shifting, twisting and rubbing.

Chaskit® Self-Righting Attachment System
Blanket with Chaskit® Spider Attachment
Blankets with Chaskit® Spider are self-righting

Standard Attachment System

The Standard Attachment System option features the standard fittings consisting of leg straps and a choice of one or two belly straps

Standard Attachment System with one belly strap